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Why does this not have a higher score?

Sped up Beatles, in MY Clock Day? It's just as good as the ELO Flash from last year. Great job.


Artist credit pl0x?

Spazkid responds:

NO FUCK YOU ok, I didn't know you had a NG account.

I'm fine, Happy Harry. Yourself?

Out of all the Watchmen parodies I've seen, this is quite possibly the greatest one I've had the pleasure of watching. I can see this as something Adrian Veidt would make. Excellent job.

Spumco Styled Genius

After witnessing Bambi's mother spawn the young Prince, I knew I had picked the right flash to watch. It brings back memories of watching Ren and Stimpy. You have no complaints here. Thanks for making this timeless masterpiece.

A flash that all men can learn from

The humor is fresh, the visual style suits the bathroom atmosphere, and the various lessons are something we can all learn from. All in all, this is a great flash. Ten stars all the way!

I've totally been there.

You did an awesome job on this. You did a great thing by making a little memorial to Logan. And to lala4, he didn't sing this. The song is by Logan Whitehurst and the Junoir Science Club and yes, it was obviously made in jest. Once again, great job.

XxwaSSupxX responds:

See, someone pays attention. But obviously you know Logan's work. So thank you. People like you rock!

An extreme look at vg review shows.

A great reminder of those video game videos from the 80's. Thanks for the memories.


Great job on this toon. How did you get in contact with David Humphrey? That's the part I enjoyed the most, the voice acting. Nice job and keep em coming.

Good job Maran!

You did a good job getting the guys from the forum in an action-packed comedy. Keep up the good work.

One of the best.

You definatly put your all in this one, guys. Good to see Hyperactive Youth is still doing Sonic stuff(Sonic Uncut forever). It's good to see some people still remember Mighty The Armidillo. In short, good job.

....What are you looking at? HEY, WHO'S KID IS THIS!? You really shouldn't be in here. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

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