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Nice work Maran.

Despite the fact that you've never played a Megaman game, you were able to execute the action very well. This game harkens to the FFSX series. Great job!

MaranX responds:

Wha?I played all megaman games apart of Megaman X Command Mission and some minor ones.

Top Quality As Always But...

Damn BDX, why'd you make this one so hard? It took me like, two tries to beat it. Oh well, it was awesome anyways. Z-Ya at hh.

Punk Rock Heaven. Joey Ramone would be proud.

I have only one thing to ask. How did you make this game? This is amazing! I might even make my own song with this game.

Very True

You hav captured what a New Grounds artist has to go through. The jobs, flash animations, and angry emails are all a part of the experience and you captured them perfectly. Thank you for shedding light on this subject.

Better than your first.

This is one of the best games I've played in a while. You have a nice storyline going and I can't wait to see more. Nice artwork on that picture you have in the special features menue. I like it.

Great Game

You outdone yourself this time. Great story line. Great objectives. Great key hiding places. GREAT GIRLS! Keep up the good work!

Great Game.

Has the same flow and style of the first game. A little difficult but if you keep losing battle, use the points you win and buy power-ups and items.

This is The best kill game! Needs blood.

A game where you can torture John Kerry. Just what I need. Put some blood, get rid of the babies, and put moans in there and I'll be happy.

In this game you'll be a true pimp.

Great game only one thing I'd suggest to players. When you get to the second town get the hammer to get the money in the parking meter. Then buy a doughnut and talk to the british guy. give the doughnut to Officer Whatshisface(I know that's not his name.) and get the guy the heroin.

Are you joking?

You updated the game and it's awesome. The last guy who reveiwed it must not be a true Sonic fan because a true Sonic fan wouldn't watch that crap pile they call Sonic X.

....What are you looking at? HEY, WHO'S KID IS THIS!? You really shouldn't be in here. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

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